Housing Denmark

Housing Denmark


Housing Denmark is a real estate selling and renting company operating from multiple locations and offices in Denmark. Leading the Folkmatic team, I designed three different platforms under one roof — Premium, Marketplace and Services.

My Role

Creative Direction, Icon Design, Web Design

Creative Direction, Icon Design, Web Design, Motion Testing


Fresh Visual Language

One of the primary points was to develop a system and design a visual language that can be applied seamlessly to all three platforms, making sure consistency is honored throughout the whole website. The system also had a role in enabling the user to quickly scan and recognize what amenities are offered.

Clear And Accessible Search

With so many data points and information available for filtering, the search system was designed for the user to quickly select the matching criteria and find the perfect home in no time. The user also has two views to present filtered houses - displayed as a list with house info or as a map, where the user can check the location of the property.


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