Folkmatic is a digital product development agency. While working as a Design Lead, I got a request to give the site a refresh. To give it a little more creative push, I created a color marking system, the graphics, transitions and movement.

My Role

Web Design, Interactive Design, Illustration

Creative Direction, Icon Design, Web Design, Motion Testing


Complete Overhaul

Folkmatic has grown from a few people to a full-fledged digital agency. We realized that we need to update the website and company visual systems. After running a few ideas, I came up with a color system of animated illustrations. 


Telling A Story

Case studies were imagined as simple and straight to the point, presenting the work right away. At the top, they display some brief information about the clients and then the work done in three clear sections. Finally, you see a testimony from the client and options to view previous or next project.


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