DKT Comega

DKT Comega


Aiming to improve living standards with quality broadband performance, DKT Comega is a broadband company operating in Europe. The goal was to showcase latest and greatest products DKT offers and give the brand a fresh, but recognizable look.

My Role

Creative Direction, Visual Identity, Rebranding, Icon Design, Web Design

Creative Direction, Icon Design, Web Design, Motion Testing


Brand Refresh

The process began by making sure to maintain DKT Comega’s brand character and attributes while refreshing the overall look. Main points were to keep it simple, make it current and utilize a new typeface. After branding exploration phase, the client settled on using improved colorway and a modern, geometric typeface.


Show Me The Info

The immediate challenge was how to structure this huge amount of information by avoiding custom tables and ensuring easily editable content for the long term. We reserved the top part for general information, while the bottom part is more technically oriented.


Easy To Find

DKT Comega houses hundreds and hundreds of products. With so many to offer, a search system was to be put in place. After a brief brainstorming session, we settled on a fullscreen solution. Once you start typing, you get recommendations and results, narrowing the possibility of error to almost zero.


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